“Working with Emma and the support she has provided me has been transformational. I have suffered with endometriosis, severe IBS and anxiety for years which has had a huge affect on my quality of life. I had received treatment for my endo but had no luck with my IBS with my GP blaming it on my anxiety and sending my away with no support. I sought out Emma’s support as she is a specialist in women’s health. Emma is kind and conscientious and she worked within my own limits never pushing me to do things I am not comfortable with. As a very picky eater, and someone who has a lot of anxiety around food, I was worried she would expect me to give up all the things I liked and expect me to eat gross stuff but this was not the case. Emma took the time to learn about me and adjusted her process to my experience and needs. She helped me slowly adjust my lifestyle, empowering me to make positive changes which improved my health. She also provided me with encouragement and affirmation, helping me pick myself up when I slipped or struggled. We worked together for 12 weeks on her platinum package which was perfect for me as I needed consistent guidance and accountability to succeed. After ending our sessions I feel transformed. My symptoms from my endo and IBS have drastically reduced to the level where I feel like I can lead a normal life. I’ve also made huge lifestyle changes which a year ago would’ve felt impossible, but now feel natural to me. I’m more confident in my food choices and how to live a healthy lifestyle, and I feel more positive about my future. I would recommend Emma to women who are suffering with conditions like these and have hit a wall with accessing treatment. I was blown away by how much nutrition affects our bodies but it has changed my life. If you need a partner to help you get back on your feet and start living your life Emma is the woman for you!” Bryony Carter March 10th 2021

“I have endometriosis and suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder…Emma heard me and understood me. This was very reassuring and validating. Emma’s help not only positively impacted my physical health but also improved my mental health…..  My energy and concentration levels improved. I have also noticed that my skin, nails and hair benefitted a lot from Emma’s nutrition advice.  I would recommend Emma and Nutritional Balance to everyone :)”  Elif Ceylan Özsoy 14th May 2020

“Having been through the NHS system for several years with very little successful help or reduction of my various symptoms, Emma was recommended to me by a friend and with her expert help I am now almost entirely symptom free of migraines, chronic bloating, insomnia, complex food intolerances, dermatitis & eczema, back problems, torn tendons, vitamin deficiency, brain fog, depression & anxiety – working with her has changed my life”. Nick Warburton June 2020

“I have been struggling with perimenopause symptoms and pelvic pain for several years and tried a number of different therapies, as well as my doctor, to find relief. It was with Emma’s support that I was finally referred to see a specialist and had a (possible) diagnosis of endometriosis (I’m on the waiting list for an op).
Emma has been incredibly supportive and has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and digestion. She’s really helped me to think about my diet and understand how to optimise my nutritional intake on a vegan diet, as well as reduce inflammation to relieve bloating and pain. She has gone out of her way to offer me advice and suggestions for balancing my hormones and managing endometriosis. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Thank you so much Emma!” Ruth Bristol 10th March 21

Before working with Emma I had lost my menstrual cycle, and was also suffering with abdominal bloating. Emma took time to understand my history, my challenges and slowly helped me to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes to get my body back in to balance. With Emma’s support I have resolved both issues, which I am over the moon about. I think it can be easy to think that a nutritionist will judge you and give you a strict diet, but this was not the case. Emma was amazing at listening to my needs and relentlessly supported me through every step. Don’t hesitate about working with Emma, she will help you in her uniquely kind and supportive way, to get the results you want”. A Oldfield June 2020

“I found Emma Dawson towards the end of grieving for my Mum, and a break up. As a 37 year old woman who wants children, I wanted to work with Emma to optimise my long term physical and mental health, and vitality. I had suffered grief induced anxiety and sleep problems.. and I knew that diet was part of the package that would help. I am also vegan so wanted to understand how to optimise my nutritional intake. Emma was incredible astute at picking up on mild symptoms (bloating, wind) and tweaks I could make through my diet….. The biggest thing I have noticed as a result of Emma’s support is I am no longer bloated – I started working with Emma 7 months ago and I haven’t been bloated for about 5 months now – thats the first time since a teenager!” Jessica Stokes November 2020

“My brother suffers from acute digestive issues so I got him a consultation. As a result of Emmas suggestions, particularly around herbal remedies and teas, his symptoms have reduced, and he now feels more equip to know what his body needs when it is inflammed. Thank you so much Emma. Its been a pleasure to work with you and I will come back again in a flash when I need too! Namaste.” Jessica Stokes November 2020

“Emma is incredibly professional, friendly and approachable. Emma went above and beyond (still continuing to do so) providing me with detailed information, suggestions for tests, taster supplements, recipes and much more. Our sessions were always open and positive, Emma is a good listener with lots of experienced ideas. Emma made me feel at ease discussing health problems which have caused so much negativity in my life and has helped me make great progress with these issues.” Sam Rogerson 15th May 2020

 “The continued support Emma has given me, has helped to build up my confidence and understanding about my relationship with food. She has enabled me to make small changes which have made a big difference.” Charlotte Bratt June 2019

 “ After struggling with acne for over 15 years and exhausting all the usual possible avenues, I decided to seek help from Emma who was recommended to me as being ‘very thorough’. I was convinced that nutrition had to have some part to play in my desperate mission to be rid of acne and the corrosive effect it has had, not only on my skin, but on my entire sense of self worth”. Kiri Sims December 2018

“I found Emma to be consistently thorough, approachable and knowledgeable. Whilst it took some time to pin point the source of the problem (apparently skin is one of the hardest things to fix) I felt like Emma never gave up on me and has been determined to help. I now feel that I have mostly conquered my acne. I have a much clearer understanding about nutrition and how to manage my food choices and about what has been going on in my body. I have more energy and am able to think more clearly.” Kiri Sims December 2018

“If I were the hugging type I would give Emma a big hug to thank her for helping me to be free of something that has plagued my life for so long”. Kiri Sims December 2018

“Emma is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and has been very supportive and encouraging to me to eat healthily, improve my diet and take myself seriously.  Before the healthy weight program, I did think I knew quite a lot about nutrition but Emma has taught me the importance of why diet and exercise need to be thought about together.  She encouraged me to try new foods, has helped to control my cholesterol, blood sugar and improved my sleep patterns.  Emma is a very good listener and really cares about getting the best for her clients, so I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be more healthy and think about their nutrition”. MF December 2018

“I have a much greater awareness and focus on my diet and exercise. I have learnt a lot about how what I eat affects much more than just my waist line. I know I need to balance all aspects of my diet with more focus, reduce the sugar in my diet, and think more about the health of my gut and digestion system” Connor 2018       

“The nutrition knowledge has been incredibly helpful and I realize that low fat foods are not necessarily good for you. Emma’s work with us on balancing our individual diets has been really useful and the changes I’ve made to my diet have definitely made a difference. Bristol Healthy Weight Programme Participant 2018

 “Emma is so knowledgeable and interesting. She covered so much in a short space of time, explaining in detail how our bodies and hormones work and the reasons why we should or shouldn’t do/eat certain things”. Bath & North East Somerset Council Training May 19

 “Very informative, fascinating subject and amazing how much impact food has on wellbeing and what can be done to assess and improve health” Bath & North East Somerset Council Health Training May 19

Female Hormonal Health  “A lot of information covered in one session as well as the offer for tailored follow up information”. Bath & North East Somerset Council Female Hormonal Health Training May 19

“Learning the ways in which diet can affect hormones worked best” Bath & North East Somerset Council Female Hormonal Health Training May 19

“Life changing! A lot of fun in a safe and supportive environment to make the changes I wanted to make.” Helen June 2018

I achieved knowledge and understanding about food and how that affects me mentally, emotionally and physically. The time to make changes and then make these a habit. Helen 2018      

“The nutrition knowledge has been incredibly helpful and I realize that low fat foods are not necessarily good for you. Emma’s work with us on balancing our individual diets has been really useful and the changes I’ve made to my diet have definitely made a difference. Anonymous 2018”

“Emma’s talk on gut health was invaluable and will be informing my practice when discussing diet” Annual Infant Nutrition Conference 2018

 “Emma Dawson’s talk was interesting and thought-provoking. I especially liked her practical tips for improving diet for gut health”. Annual Infant Nutrition conference 2018

 “Excellent, clear, concise and informative presentation. Very enjoyable and interesting” Annual Infant Nutrition conference 2018

“Factually based, good use of visuals.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“The overall series has more than met my expectations. Very informative, good repetition of aspects to enable it to sink in better, good balance between tougher sections and discussions/ working in small groups”. Brain Health Programme March 2019

‘My sleep pattern has improved slightly but is still work in progress.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“they were very enlightening with a depth and breadth”. Brain Health Programme March 2019

“There was a wealth of information and the whole programme is a platform for the journey to come.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

 “I liked the scientific explanations, they helped me understand the reasoning for suggestions of actions / changes.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“The follow up emails and shared ideas were really useful.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“Exceeded my expectations.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“well presented and fact based.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“easy to understand although some of the biological facts were a little difficult at first. Very useful and relevant.” Brain Health Programme March 2019