The support provided has been transformational

March 10th 2021

“Working with Emma and the support she has provided me has been transformational. I have suffered with endometriosis, severe IBS and anxiety for years which has had a huge affect on my quality of life. I had received treatment for my endo but had no luck with my IBS with my GP blaming it on my anxiety and sending my away with no support. I sought out Emma’s support as she is a specialist in women’s health. Emma is kind and conscientious and she worked within my own limits never pushing me to do things I am not comfortable with. As a very picky eater, and someone who has a lot of anxiety around food, I was worried she would expect me to give up all the things I liked and expect me to eat gross stuff but this was not the case. Emma took the time to learn about me and adjusted her process to my experience and needs. She helped me slowly adjust my lifestyle, empowering me to make positive changes which improved my health. She also provided me with encouragement and affirmation, helping me pick myself up when I slipped or struggled. We worked together for 12 weeks on her platinum package which was perfect for me as I needed consistent guidance and accountability to succeed. After ending our sessions I feel transformed. My symptoms from my endo and IBS have drastically reduced to the level where I feel like I can lead a normal life. I’ve also made huge lifestyle changes which a year ago would’ve felt impossible, but now feel natural to me. I’m more confident in my food choices and how to live a healthy lifestyle, and I feel more positive about my future. I would recommend Emma to women who are suffering with conditions like these and have hit a wall with accessing treatment. I was blown away by how much nutrition affects our bodies but it has changed my life. If you need a partner to help you get back on your feet and start living your life Emma is the woman for you!”