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A 6 week Nutrition and Wellness Programme to optimise your relationship with food and emotional health, supporting you to look and feel better


Eating the right food is fundamental for our mood and mental health. However many of us turn to ‘bad’ foods to cheer us up or for energy or focus.

Energy and Vitality

Receive expert support and advice for energy, good mood and a clearer head and change any bad eating habits

When and Where

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Led by registered Nutritionist Emma Dawson and Hannah Currant, Health Creation Coach, Shiatsu & Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.

They will bring their combined expertise to guide you through this unique programme

To Book Contact: Emma Dawson Phone: 07980644108 Email: emma@nutritionalbalance.co.uk

We will support you with

Energy and Mood

  • Discover the foods that support our happy hormones and energy
  • Balance your energy and mood by tweaking your own meals and snacks
  • An introduction to Tapping, (Emotional Freedom Technique) and learn how to apply it to help reduce cravings
  • Understand our unconscious thinking patterns, how we keep ourselves stuck in limiting beliefs and how to change them.

Happy Gut Happy Head

  • Learn the links between your happy hormones, your gut, IBS and anxiety 
  • Identify food changes you can make to look after your gut 
  • Understanding our behaviours and relationship to food from the Chinese Medicine perspectives, and how we can borrow from that into our everyday lives.
  • Busting the ‘positive thinking’ myths and why you can’t just think yourself better! Applying E.F.T and practical tools to help you change the way you think and feel about yourself and food 

Stress & Anxiety

  • Learn how foods and lifestyle factors can impact stress and anxiety
  • Discover how you can support your stress (adrenal) & sleep hormones through making 1-3 changes to your food.
  • Top tips on how to physically and emotionally alter your reaction to stress triggers using tapping, acupressure points, breathing techniques and physical exercises.

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How To Book

Please contact Emma on Phone: 07980644108 Email: emma@nutritionalbalance.co.uk