Online Brain Health Progamme

What is The Brain Health Programme?

The Brain Health Programme has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical tools required to optimise your wellbeing, memory and mood. The Programme comprises information to show you how to make, and sustain, lifelong food and lifestyle choices to protect the health of your brain.

The Brain Health Programme is suitable for anyone wishing to learn how to support their mental health and wellbeing and reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

The Programme can be completed ONLINE at times to suit you, alongside personalised support from me.

What is included in the online programme?

Two nutritional therapy consultations with me, either face to face or via online video conference. During these consultations I will review your symptoms along with your medical and family history. We will then discuss nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations specific to your goals. Blood, urine or other tests may also be recommended if appropriate
Access to six online recorded workshops that you can listen to at a time convenient for you. The recorded workshops cover topics shown in research as being important for supporting brain health and include: nutrition for the brain, optimising gut health, stress reduction, improving sleep, exercise and brain training
Summary documents to accompany each workshop
A forty-nine page ‘Self Care Journey’ booklet which contains activities for you to complete
A twenty-six page recipe booklet

Please ring me or email me to find out more about the Online Programme.

You can also find out more information about The Programme at The Brain Health Programme