Brain Health Programme

A nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme

Do you often have ‘a fuzzy head’, mind blanks, a reduced memory or unexplained mood swings?

Discover how to make, and sustain, lifelong food and lifestyle choices to protect the health of your brain.

Sign up to the critically acclaimed Cytoplan Brain Health Programme and receive support, knowledge and skills to optimise your wellbeing, memory and mood.

The Programme can be completed ONLINE at times to suit you, alongside personalised support from me.

What is the Brain Health Programme?

Is it for me?

The Brain Health Programme is suitable for all ages – anyone wishing to learn how to support their mental health and wellbeing and reduce the risk of cognitive decline in years to come.

What Does the Programme Include?

The Programme comprises six practical, evidenced based online training supporting brain health covering nutrition, gut health, stress, sleep, exercise & brain training. See full details below.

In addition you will benefit from:

  • Actions to tweak your current food, exercise and lifestyle
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • Expert support and advice
  • Achievable, long-term, food and lifestyle changes 

Online Programme with 2 Nutrition 1to1s

The Programme can be completed ONLINE at times to suit you, alongside personalised support from me. I provide 2 online private nutrition consultations so your individual needs are assessed and you receive tailored recommendations and support.

Cost: £245 for the Online Programme including 2 individual 60 minute nutrition consultations either face to face or online.

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Workshops 1 and 2 – Mind What You Eat: Just like any other organ, the brain requires certain nutrients to function properly. Learn the best foods to eat, as well as ways of eating, to optimise the brain and help prevent cognitive decline. 

Workshop 3- Optimising Gut Health: Science has revealed that what goes on in our gut influences our mood and mental function. Learn about this ‘gut-brain axis’ and receive practical advice on how to support your gut.

Workshop 4- Stress Management: Persistent high levels of the stress hormone cortisol may impact on brain cells. Practical advice for reducing stress naturally.

Workshop 5- Improving Sleep: Sleep is vital for optimal brain health. Statistics show we are sleeping less, and problems such as getting to sleep or staying asleep are common. Learn different strategies for supporting sleep.

Workshop 6- Physical Activity and Brain Training :  Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps produce brand new cells within the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotions. We will reveal how exercise can lift mood and help with stress management. There’s an old adage – ‘use it or lose it’. The adult brain continuously adapts to stimulation. We will explore how exercising the brain allows new connections to be created and maintained.

You Receive recipes, handouts, workbooks and bonus information to support you through

Brain Health Programme February 2019

Testimonials from previous Brain Health Programmes Emma has run

“Factually based, good use of visuals.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“The overall series has more than met my expectations. Very informative, good repetition of aspects to enable it to sink in better, good balance between tougher sections and discussions/ working in small groups”. Brain Health Programme March 2019

‘My sleep pattern has improved slightly but is still work in progress.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“they were very enlightening with a depth and breadth”. Brain Health Programme March 2019

“There was a wealth of information and the whole programme is a platform for the journey to come.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

 “I liked the scientific explanations, they helped me understand the reasoning for suggestions of actions / changes.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“The follow up emails and shared ideas were really useful.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“Exceeded my expectations.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“well presented and fact based.” Brain Health Programme March 2019

“easy to understand although some of the biological facts were a little difficult at first. Very useful and relevant.” Brain Health Programme March 2019