Developing a personalised nutrition plan within a therapeutic partnership

The Initial Consultation

£149 for 75 minutes 

You’ll have completed a health questionnaire before we meet which I will professionally review. Then we’ll consider your dietary intake, personalised nutrition plan, coaching and key recipes. Included is a 15 minute telephone check-in within your first week.

The Next Step – Further Consultations

£99 for 55 minutes or 3 Sessions for £249

We’ll review and develop your personalised nutrition plan, through detailed assessment, health coaching, nutritional supplements and laboratory test recommendations.

The Full Package- A 30 Day Nutritional Therapy Support


This is where we make real progress. Each week you will have a one hour consultation at the  Clinic, over the phone or online. Together we will develop your in-depth personal nutrition plan to help you change the way you eat and live. I will provide practical support throughout this journey in our meetings and through texts and email.

GP and Functional Test Interpretations

£25-£50 to interpret test results. This excludes stand alone tests such as Vitamin D.

Now is the Best Time to Start

You can email or call me 07980644108 to find out more and book in your first session

Where I Work From

  • Urban Dispensary, 58 Colston Street Bristol BS1 5AZ.
  • Southville Clinic, 68 Coronation Road, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1AS
  • Online or telephone at a time that suits you.
  • Your own home: There may be an additional charge

Individual Terms and Conditions

Payments are made by bank transfer, cash or by cheque in advance of appointment.

Please note that a charge will be made for missed appointments and bookings cancelled with less than 48 hour’s notice