Hello there! I am an online and South West UK based registered Nutritional Therapist.

I support women with anxiety, endometriosis, painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) and intimate health concerns.

My vision is to empower and support women so their natural female selves can shine.

I have a deep understanding of the complex issues women face and the importance of having the information and support needed to make the best choice at that time.

My clients receive absolute loyalty, generosity, kindness and thought. No stone is left unturned.

Your individual needs are assessed and your food choices are analysed.

At every consultation we agree key actions you can take and put the support in place you need.

You receive regular recipes and links to recipe sites appropriate for you.

An individualised 7 day meal plan is created if this is useful for you – some people prefer to follow an exact plan and other people like to choose their own meals.

Supplements and culinary herbs recommended are high quality, created by practitioners themselves and with evidence-based science.

Laboratory testing is recommended to give clear indication of your needs. Options include genetic, food intolerance, hormonal, vaginal and gut health analysis

Healthy Happy Women

We are in regular contact to see how you are getting on, for support and coaching, to answer questions and provide any additional help and advice needed.

The Science

My practice uses the principles of Functional Medicine to identify and support imbalances within body systems including gut health, immunity, hormonal and inflammatory systems. 


My Qualifications

Having spent 6 years at the globally renowned CNELM and gaining a First Class Hons Degree in 2014 I have been committed to learning everything I can to support women feel amazing.

My service specialises in anxiety, endometriosis, intimate female health, thrush, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal atrophy and vulvodynia. IBS type symptoms of bloating, lower abdominal pain, loose bowel movements and constipation are often additional symptoms.

From 2014 to 2021 I worked for Nuffield Health Bristol as their lead nutritionist.